File Under Pictures Ltd.
A multidisciplinary creative studio



— how we roll.

We are an award-winning creative studio: we make experimental short films, visual essays, and documentaries. Our work has appeared in and on television, festivals, classical music concerts, art galleries, billboards, and magazines. Through close collaboration with some of the world’s finest filmmakers, designers, musicians, and journalists, we produce work that creates an emotional resonance.

Our commercial projects—focused on copywriting, graphic design, and video production—span the globe with a broad spectrum of clients, industries, and budgets. We can bring your concepts to life whether you have a clear-cut brief or just a glimmer of an idea. As storytellers, we believe every project should have a clearly-defined and compelling idea at its core.

We spin a good yarn. We love still pictures. We dig moving pictures.

We are your people

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File Under Pictures.